Monday, July 25, 2011

Mushroom, Bacon and Fontina Pizza

Two posts in a row about food.  I do love my food! 

This pizza is from D'Amico & Sons.  It is the Mushroom, Bacon and Fontina pizza.  We got our food "to go" so I'm resting the box on my lap as I shot these pictures.

We were in The Big City about a month ago and needed to use up a gift card from this restaurant.  The Husband and Kidlet Three got cheese pizza but I splurged and tried this heavenly choice.

It was a very enjoyable ride home.  For the first 20 minutes after getting our pizzas, the only thing that could be heard in the car were statements like:  "oh my, this is the best pizza I've ever tasted", "I'm so glad no one else in the car likes mushrooms so I can have this whole pizza to myself", and then "wow, this is filling pizza, there is enough left for lunch tomorrow".

All three of us enjoyed our Supper-On-The-Go.  Maybe I'll try to make this pizza at home sometime in the future.  It was amazing!

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