Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Grandpa Pat

In my last posts I've talked about Grandpa Pat.  He was in the hospital for two weeks with an assortment of health issues.  During that time he was rushed into intensive care two times.  At one point the doctors asked for the family to come in and Grandpa was alert enough to say:  I must be in trouble.  He saw all of his kids in the room and he thought he was in trouble!  What an honor for me to lean over and whisper in his ear, "you are not in trouble but your lungs are".

Baby C came to visit her great-grandfather in intensive care, too. 

Today Grandpa Pat was moved to a skilled nursing facility.  He is now on oxygen and has trouble swallowing.  He isn't eating or drinking much. 

Thinking back on the 29 years I've known him, there are so many fun, happy moments.  This man has blessed my life.  And the lives of many people.  It is really hard watching him in these what-could-be-his-last-days. 

An amazingly sad time in our lives yet amazingly blessed.