Monday, July 4, 2011


Happy Fourth of July! 

This is our day, set aside, to focus on the freedoms that we have as Americans.  And to remember how this freedom came into being and how this freedom continues to be protected.

Oh, America!  We are the land of the free and the brave.  Let us not forget our heritage.

Those early pioneers that traveled to America for freedom had to fight for what they believed in.  And they fought together.  Side by side they protected this land and the religious freedom they were hungering for.

Today, we fight each other.  State governments go into shutdown mode because of fighting and the inability to work together. 

What have we become?

Oh Lord, forgive us!  Thank you for allowing us to be born in the United States.  United.  United.  Lord, I declare that we will become a "United" States.  Restore our vision to that of our forefathers.  That we can work side by side to protect this land.  Forgive us for our selfish motives.  Forgive us for turning our face from You and thinking we could make better decisions.  God, please do not turn Your face from America.  I ask that You bless the United States of America.  In Jesus's name...Amen.

Today as you celebrate, would you remind a neighbor, a friend or a family member of the privilege we have in living on this land.  And then, thank God, for His of protection on us and His blessings on this country!

Let Freedom ring!

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