Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Snow Mania

We have had several days of near 60 degrees.  It is a very early spring for southern Minnesota.  Until today.  There is a blizzard predicted with up to 14 inches of snow expected.  It has been sleeting with snall pebble-sized pellets.  I can hear them hitting the window tonight.

School was cancelled fo tomorrow as soon as the storm was announced.  How I wish I was still in school!  Work will not be cancelled.  Nuts!  I may end up taking the city bus if we get the amount of snow predicted.

We live in a part of the world where there are four definite seasons.  Our spring doesn't really start until the end of April or May but we have had such warm weather, everyone has thought spring was here.

The four seasons are amazing.  White snow.  Tree buds in the spring.  Green grass in the summer. Crisp air with orange/brown leaves in the fall.  We are so blessed with the changes.

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