Tuesday, March 30, 2010

An Amazing Day

Kidlet Two made it to Sarasota last night.  Today he and Kidlet Three played football while standing in the Gulf of Mexico, sat in the hot tub for awhile and here, warmed up under the sun.  Are you wondering about the wind?  Thankfully, I can report the wind was a lot less today.  There were people at the beach with sweatshirts and those of us in our bathing suits.  It was really still "cool."
We did go on a little sightseeing adventure (actually Kidlet Two needed a hat so we went shopping).  We got lost (did I mention the love/hate relationship with the TomTom GPS system).  But while stopped at a stop sign in the residential area we were driving through, here was this tree.  I wish I would've zoomed more because these fruit are oblong.  My picture doesn't do it justice but I found them "amazing".

Kidlet Two played hockey with "Schmoid". I think that was the nickname his family gave him. Well, Schmoid's family is vacationing two miles from us! Amazing! We drove up to their "section" of the beach and spent a late afternoon with them. Here the "guys" are planning a beach football game.
Speaking of one got hurt.  The teams were divided by the "Old Boys" and the "Young Boys". 
The Women had fun chatting and admiring the Gulf.
Schmoid's family rented this three-wheeled gas-powered mini car. Here their oldest son is taking Kidlet Two for a ride. Kidlet Two later took the cart through the town. I think he enjoyed the waves and greetings the young women gave him as he drove the streets of Siesta Key Village.
Schmoid and Kidlet Three dreamed about driving this out of the driveway...
Amazing. I couldn't get one NICE photo of these boys.
Everytime a camera came out at least one of them made a face!
The Husband and my two boy Kidlets sitting together. Schmoid's older brother in the background.
I opted to not take a picture of Kidlet Two's sunburn.
He doesn't need a visual of how many times
we reminded him to put on sunscreen...He'll be "feeling" the reminder!
Yes, it was an amazing day.
I love that friends we made during the hockey season can
remain our friends after the season.
Amazing relationships!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Word Picture from the Beach

We can hear you even before we look out the window.
You are very strong.
The sun is shining but you bring the temperature way down.
Everyone is talking about you today.
You kept us from the beach but not from the pool.
Goosebumps on my skin as I lay by the pool.
You made Kidlet Two's plane get here faster.
How am I suppose to do my hair on days like today?
The beautiful palms swaying and this isn't even a hurricane.
We found the fun, local pizza place running to stay warm.
Will you sleep tomorrow and let us play outside.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

10 Things to Do When It Rains on Vacation

10.  Move out of the hotel into a condo right by the beach. 
9.  Walk on Siesta Key Beach when no one else is there. This was before the lightening!
8.  Drum roll please...I read and finished one of the fattest books ever (I read one book per year).
7.  Enjoy less traffic on the roads because of the rain.
6.  Confess my love-hate relationship with The Husband's GPS "Tom" isn't getting any better.
5.  Bought more groceries than we needed but it was FUN! 
4.  Allow Kidlet Three to think he is still young enough to "fit".
3.  Made a delightful meal in the full condo kitchen.
2.  "Caught" Kidlet Three actually reading a book!
1.  Watch a Netflix movie on the laptop...all three of us!
It was a good day despite the grumpies that tried to set in.
I am SO praying for the sun to come out tomorrow.
Stay tuned! 

Friday, March 26, 2010

B & B Friday

It rained last night.  We woke this morning to overcast skies.  Believing...yes...believing the weather would clear up, we packed the car with beach supplies and by the time we were leaving, the sun was beginning to play peek-a-boo.  Turtle Beach was our destination today.
It was a little "cool" when we first arrived
There was NO ONE at this beach.
It was just too COLD for about...
20 minutes.  Seriously.
After 20 minutes the sun came out
Our towels came out
And we laid out!
Here I am loving the warm!
The Husband and I made Kidlet Three
into a MerMan!
Then we headed here...
After picking up a few groceries,
showering at the hotel we headed out to...
Spring Training 2010...the Minnesota Twins
in an outdoor game.
Soon, in the Frozen Tundra, baseball will be outside, too!
We stuck around after the game and what fun!
Delmon Young was the first one out of the dugout and signed autographs up and down the line of die hard fans.
As we were waiting, this nice man was chatting with us.  It was Denard Span's dad, Donald!  He lives in Tampa and had made the trip to Sarasota to see the game.  When Denard came out to the field, I asked if the two "Span boys" would pose for a father-son photo.  Isn't this cool!

Pat Neshek pitched during the game.  It was fun to see him for an autograph.
Anthony Slama.  Watch for him more in the future with the Twins.

Coach Gardenhire came out carrying Chipotle chips and guacamole (from the lockeroom).  I asked him if I could hold the bag while he signed an autograph.  He turned his head so fast to tell me "no holding my bag of chips!" Thus, a blurry photo.  The Husband laughed and told Gordie how much I love Chipotle so he'd better guard the bag tight.

Gardenhire signing Luke's hat.  Luke had on his hockey jacket.  Coach asked Luke where he played hockey so we got to chat with him for awhile.

Juan Portes got to play in the ninth inning.  He has had a great spring training. 
Our B&B day was really full!
Doesn't get much better than this...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Planes, Cars and Hotels

When the suitcases came out, our dog went bananas.  He knows that means we are going to be gone and he runs in circles and then he ignores us.  As in he won't look us in the eye. 

The Husband, Kidlet Three and I started an adventure yesterday.  We started in a car, then traveled by plane.  Here is a hint where we boarded and a hint where we flew too:
We are now traveling again by car.  Today we saw the following:

We were stopped at a draw bridge so a boat could travel underneath.

Riley is in good hands back home. 
Maybe he'll look us in the eye when we get back.
Until then, we'll be exploring this area...