Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Treat Both Conditions with Worship

I've mentioned before that we have a devotion-for-the-day calendar in the bathroom.  You read that correctly.  In the bathroom where each member of the family is going to visit each and every day and can read these thought-provoking entries.

The name of the collection is Grace For The Moment, inspirational thoughts for each day of the year by Max Lucado.

The July 23 entry stopped me in my tracks.  This was an excerpt from Max's book, Cure For The Common Life.  The entry is as follows:

"You who fear the Lord, praise Him!  Psalm 22:23

Worship humbles the smug and lifts the deflated.  Worship adjusts us, lowering the chin of the haughty, straightening the back of the burdened.  Worship properly positions the worshiper.  And oh how we need it!  We walk through life so bent out of shape.  Five-talent folks swaggering:  "I bet God's glad to have me."  Two-talent folks struggling:  "I bet God's sick of putting up with me."  So sold on ourselves that we think someone died and made us ruler.  Or so down on ourselves that we think everyone died and just left us.  Treat both conditions with worship".

Worship.  There is that word again.  Every time I turn around it seems I encounter that word.  Worship is more than the words coming from my mouth, giving praise to my Lord and Savior.  Worship is the attitude of my heart and the thoughts going through my mind.  If any of these are not in alignment (my attitude or my thoughts), I need to start worshipping.  I need to focus On The One that deserves attention more than myself.

If I focus on myself, as Max states, I'm tempted to get haughty or too-self-inspecting.  And God doesn't want that for me.  I don't want that either but oh, the temptation is there.

Treat both conditions with worship.

Those are good, challenging words.  No matter where you are at today, choose worship.  If the kids are screaming, worship.  If the boss seems too demanding, worship.  If your "to do list" is overwhelming, worship.  If loneliness has trapped you, worship.  In all things, choose to worship God, who is absolutely crazy in love with you.

Treat all conditions with worship.

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