Thursday, March 24, 2016


Hankering is a funny sounding word.  Tonight I had a really strong desire for fish tacos.  The craving was strong enough to be called a hankering.

The problem with making fish tacos on the spur of the moment is using the limited ingredients available.  I had one tomato that wasn't mushy and some onion.  I diced that up and added some dried cilantro.  Then some salt,  pepper, and lime juice.  While that marinated I baked a few pieces of cod. 

Do you call romaine lettuce a stalk or head?  Like head of lettuce?

I had romaine lettuce so I washed that up. 

When the fish was done I chunked it and tossed it in with the tomato/onion mixture.  Then the whole kit-and-caboodle was spooned onto a romaine leaf.

Did you hear me yelling NUMMY? 

I wonder if God had fun coming up with the word hankering.  Maybe He was sitting around, stroking his chin as He thought:  what would be a good word for a really strong desire or craving.  Oh, why don't we call it hankering. Ha! ha!

My fish tacos sound bland but they were incredible

May your next hankering be fulfilled in an amazing way like mine was tonight.

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