Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Frozen Tundra is Baked

This summer in The Frozen Tundra has been unusual. We went from a very rainy spring right into the blistering heat of summer. Temperatures have been near 100 with a heat index nearing 120. The heat is one thing but we also get humidity. Those of us with any sort of curl in our hair have been experiencing new hairstyles on a daily basis. One day my hair wants to curl without the gel and then when the humidity starts to drop, I get flat hair.

I heard on the radio that the humidity was nearing similar levels to those found in the Brazilian rain forests. Maybe instead of trying to have flower beds that seem to be wilting these days, I need to investigate what types of plants do well in the rain forest. For two to three weeks every summer I could try to grow those plants!

Yesterday there was a welcome, cool breeze. The Husband and I turned off the air conditioner and opened the windows to get fresh air in our home. The silence was almost deafening. We had become so used to the hum of the air conditioner that silence seemed to shout at us.

Going to bed with the house cooling off was oh so appreciated. In the middle of the night, Kidlet Three yelled out in his sleep so I got up to check on him. His blood sugar was low! And oh how sticky, clammy he was, not just from the low blood sugar, but from the humidity that had crept back into the house. I gave Kidlet Three juice and some crackers and crawled back to my bed. Because of the low sugar, I set the alarm to go off in another hour so I could check him. By this time, however, I realized how hot and sticky I was, too, and that the breeze had left. Mr. Sandman was allowing me to fall back to sleep despite the sticky conditions. I’m grateful for that. After the second blood sugar check (which was good), I was able to slip back into my bed and fall back to sleep. Honestly, I was too tired to start going through the house and closing the windows.

This morning a light rain is falling. I’m wondering if any of that rain will be able to penetrate the baked Tundra. I know the plants must love this soft, refreshing liquid.

Aren't there times when our hearts and minds become like The Baked Tundra.  We set ourselves to not like something or someone, or to make judgments that we aren't going to budge from.  If we stay in that state, we become like the baked ground.  Because of His unending, passionate love for us, God will always, always, always send refreshing rain to soften us.  If we allow it too.  I believe we have a choice.

May God's love rain down on you today and soften any areas that have become like the Baked Tundra.  In His own amazing way, He wants to soften the ground called our heart and mind.

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  1. We've been sleeping with our windows open this summer... I think it's making me sleep a little better. But, boy, are we ready for this drought to end!