Friday, December 11, 2015

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Gated Community

Riley, the family pet, now lives in a gated community.

Moving to this community was not a choice Riley made but one we made for him.

The gate in this picture is between the kitchen and hallway. 

We have to move the gate each and every time we go into the kitchen.

So I guess our whole family now lives in a gated community.

Poor Riley has been having seizures.  He was started on medication and thankfully had no more seizures.

Until two days before Thanksgiving.

His seizures occur only at night and both Tuesday and Wednesday nights he seized over and over again.  It was awful.

When his medication is adjusted up he becomes ferociously hungry and thirty.

Obnoxiously hungry and thirsty.

Which leads to him going Number 1 and Number 2 all over the house.


We continue to make adjustments to his medications and until we feel he is under control, he lives in the kitchen.

In his gated community.

If you stop by the house and ring the doorbell, it make takes us a little longer to get to the door.

We have a few gates to climb over!

It is amazing the extents we go to for our pet!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Resurrected Blog

Dear Blog,

Yes, it is true, you have been neglected.  So many times my fingers have itched to sit down and write but, golly, I have been side tracked by so many things.  Tonight I blew the dust from the keyboard and decided to re-introduce myself to you.

I am So Amazed.  So Amazed at all that God has done in my life, is currently doing, and will do in the future.  His beauty and wonder delights me and I love to capture, in pictures, or in words those amazing details.

The side-tracking things in my life continue to exist.  So I won't promise a daily update but when I can, I shall return.

For tonight, I am thankful that God is my Rock and Foundation.  His steadfastness and faithfulness are like gasoline in my tank.  They keep me going.

This picture was taken at my parent's house early one morning when fog covered the area.  You cannot tell what is beyond those trees.


A short time later, as the fog drifted away, the view was more defined.  Not everything was clear but at least the lake could be seen.

So much in our lives doesn't seem to make sense or may seem foggy.  Hang in there and trust that God will blow the fog away in the right time.  You will then see things more clearly.  He has been doing that with me so much lately.  The wait for the clear vision is worth it.

If you are intentional about looking for those small, amazing things in your life, you will be blessed.

I know.

So Amazed