Wednesday, February 26, 2014

No Cancer!

The Israelites were running from Pharaoh's army and came to the Red Sea.  They didn't have boats and there wasn't a bridge.  They were trapped and going to be killed.

The Red Sea parted.  A pathway was created, the water held back, the Israelites raced to safety on the other shore.  When the army came to the Sea the water was let loose, the pathway closed, and the Army was stopped.

It was a miracle!

Moses climbed a mountain and encountered a bush.  The bush was on fire and never burned up.  How can something never stop burning and turn to ash but continue burning.

It was a miracle!

A huge wedding was taking place and the wine ran out.  The bridal party was humiliated that the guests wouldn't have wine.  Jesus asked the attendant to fill jugs with water.  He didn't wave His magic wand or repeat some mantra, he told the attendants to then dip into the water jugs.  Wine better than the bridal party started with now filled the jugs.

It was a miracle!

My dad had a PET scan four weeks ago and the report stated there were hot spots in his chest and all down his spine.  A biopsy of the chest lymph nodes was done two weeks ago and came back with a "no cancer cells spotted" report.

It was a miracle!

Last week a blood test and bone scan were done to check the hot spots in the bones.  After a week of waiting the report today was "no cancer". 

It IS a miracle!

Don't let anyone tell you that miracles were a thing of the past.  Miracles are for today!

No Cancer!

It is an amazing miracle and I would ask you to join with my family and I in thanking God for this miracle.  The glory goes to Him!

I am so amazed...

Saturday, February 15, 2014


Last night I attended a concert in which five Christians artists performed.  It was an incredible experience.  One of the performers, Matthew West, sang a song I'd never heard.  It was an incredible song and it made an impact on me.


Something that makes you stop.  It has an effect.

In the case of this song, the lyrics were being displayed as Matthew West sang them.

It made an impact on me because I needed to hear it.

I believe many need to hear this song and its message.

In fact, you may be one of the people that needs to be impacted.

Dear friend, would you please take the time to listen through the entire video that I'm linking here.  I found the YouTube version of the song and better yet, it includes the background of the song.

Please listen to it.
Let it soak into you as I did last night.  And I listened to it again today.
There is a message to bring healing and freedom to all of us.

I'm praying for you....

Monday, February 10, 2014

Hello, Old Friend!

Dear Blog,

I cannot believe it was last November that I last posted.  So many times I have thought of you and my fingers have itched to jot even just a few words on your page.  Tonight I am compelled and cannot go to sleep until I give an update of everything that has transpired since November. 

  • My dad completed his chemotherapy
  • Favorite Son-In-Law and Kidlet One announced they are having another baby
  • Baby C learned to crawl
  • My brother lost his job
  • Kidlet Three gets playing time on the junior varsity and varsity hockey teams for his high school
  • Christmas was sacred
  • I was moved to a temporary office for my job and then in January moved to a yet a different location. 
  • Kidlet Two celebrated a year at the restaurant-that-asks-too-much from him
  • The Husband continues his sharing of candy at all hockey games
  • Dad's PET scan in January caused some concern and the first biopsy came back negative of cancer.  Thank you Jesus!
  • Believe it or not this old brain in my head allowed me to get two A's on my first college courses that I finished in December.
  • Hockey boys have been growing their hair out and call it 'flow' and 'wings'.  With my natural curl I guess it looks like wings and Kidlet Three tells me I need to get that taken care of as in get a haircut.  Why can boys have wings but not their mothers?
  • Grandbaby number two is a BOY and he will arrive end of June or early July (happy, happy, happy).
There's a whole lot more that I could list but let me end by saying that I've decided to have a Gratitude Attitude.  Every person I know has a bundle of trials they are mudding through and it is so easy to get down and bummed out.  However, that just sucks life out of us.  If that is where you are at, speak out right now and say "I am going to have a Gratitude Attitude".  And then start making that list of things to be thankful for.  Speak out a 'thank you' for the parking space you get.  Or when you start your grocery shopping be thankful you don't shop in open air markets with sides of beef or pork heads staring at you.  We have a lot to be grateful for.

So Dear Blog, I am glad you are still here for me after all these months.  I promise to not be such a stranger!

So Amazed