Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Famous Author

Living next door to me for the past three years is a future Famous Author.  Jack was two when he moved in with his parents.  He has been such a joy to get to know.

I first introduced Jack to you in this Christmas Baking Post.  What fun it was to bake cookies with him.  As we baked he a taught me about trains.

Neighbor Jack has taught us about trains, sprinklers, firetrucks and ceiling fans.  He is so intelligent and has what I think, a super-genius memory.

After our Christmas cookie day, he sent me a thank you note.  In fact, the note still is displayed on our refrigerator.  Here is it.

He cut out the hearts and wrote me a personal thank you note.  I love this!

This spring Neighbor Jack moved away to Another-Big-City because of a job change for his parents.  He and New-Baby-Brother Charlie, along with their Best-Neighbors-Ever parents are missed already by us.  Before he moved, Neighbor Jack wrote and illustrated a book for me.  One day as I stepped off the City Bus after a day at work, Neighbor Jack was waiting for me on the sidewalk.  He was holding a gift for me.  His first book for Someone-Other-Than-His-Mom. 

He wrote fives pages about his life and our family.  In the story it was specifically noted that Our Dog was not included in the story.  See, Neighbor Jack and Our Dog didn't have a love-love relationship at first.

The story was illustrated also with very detailed pictures.  There is talent in this young man and I just know he is going to be published in the future.

His Neighbor Daddy took this picture of the both of us.  This could be a famous picture someday.  When Neighbor Jack is A Famous Author!
Neighbor Jack, who isn't my neighbor any longer, is one awesome, young man. 

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