Saturday, July 23, 2011

Priceless Friends

Last night we met some friends at the restaurant called Noodles.  This was a first-time visit to Noodles for The Husband and I. 

I guess we've been missing out.  The line to get into the restaurant was outside the door at 7 pm, when we arrived.  The place was packed and we were fortunate to find a table outside.  The evening temperature was slightly humid and slightly-uncomfortable-warm but we made the best of it.  It was quieter outside with the busy hustle and bustle inside.

This was what I chose for my meal.  It was fabulous.  Anything with cilantro I love and this I will definitely order again.  I did have them add chicken to it, also.  Each bite of this meal was delightful and I found myself feeling cheated that we hadn't eaten there before!

I'm spending too much time talking about the food.  The best part of the evening was sitting and looking around the table at really important people in my life.   I saw two couples that have we have been friends with for 20 some years.  We've laughed, prayed, worked, confided, and cried together with these friends.  And they have done the same with us. 

Good friends are priceless. 

We spent time last night being honest with each other.  The patio had cleared out and we had the outside eating area to ourselves.  We went around the table and gave an update as to what was going on in our lives.  Each person shared in honesty.

I almost felt like pinching myself because these people were being so "real".  It seems many relationships are "surface" but these people aren't.  And that blesses me because I can trust them with what I want to share.

Last night we laughed, ate, listened, encouraged, and we actually prayed together on that patio at Noodles.  It was a fun evening.  We met at 7 pm and we closed up the restaurant after 10 pm.  And I know we could have gone longer.  Oh, and we did sing a song together on that patio with the stars overhead. 

They are amazing, priceless friends.  I hope you have friends in your lives like this.

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