Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Boy, I must be really preoccupied.

This morning I left the driveway to head to work.  When I got to the end of the street I'm supposed to turn right to drive to work.

For some reason I pulled into the left lane and had my left signal light on.  It was then that I stopped myself and said, "WHAT AM I DOING...THIS ISN'T THE WAY TO WORK".

I've only worked at the same company for 32 years....I should know the way to work by now!

Most days I would've giggled and just shook my head at myself.

But as I made that left turn and then drove way out of my way to get to work, I pondered on why I made that silly turn.

What was it that was preoccupying my mind.

Here it is 12+ hours later and I haven't yet figured out what was causing me confusion.

So, I'll go to bed soon and just pray that I can drive straight to work in the morning!

Tee hee hee....

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