Saturday, August 13, 2011

Vacation Day 2: Moustaches

Scene:  Two 13-year-old young men, bored in a restaurant, waiting for the parents to finish their meal.  Near the front door is a gumball machine and this Fuzzy Face Moustaches machine.

Suddenly, both young men needed 50 cents.  After receiving their two quarters each, off they ran to this machine.
Oh so carefully those two quarters were inserted into the machine. 
Each of these young men needed two sets of moustaches.  Here is Kidlet's Buddy getting his second moustache.
Each moustache has a paper-backing so they peeled this off and pressed their facial hair into place.
Kidlet Three is at the left in this picture and he has a blonde moustache which was a perfect match for his hair color. 
Who would've thought that coin-purchased-moustaches would be a highlight of a vacation day.

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