Thursday, August 11, 2011

Vacation Day 1: Fishing

The alarm was set on day one of vacation.  My Dad, Kidlet Three and his Vacationing-With-Us-Buddy, and I got up this early.
In the early dawn we headed to the boat.
 Here is a picture of the house, in the trees, from the dock.
 It was a fast ride in the boat...
...with the speed-o-meter hitting 32 miles per hour.
The lake is separated into a north and south lake.  To move between lakes you go through this old bridge...
...and head under this new bridge...
...making sure to duck under the new bridge otherwise your head could hit the top!
Off to the "hot" fishing spot we go.
Kidlet Three is diligent in his fishing technique.
Kidlet's Buddy is really excited about his "catch"...weeds.
Actually,  Buddy got the biggest fish, a nice crappie.
Although weeds were often what we caught (smiles)!
My Dad even got the chance to fish.
The boat has a live well so the fish we catch get thrown into that.  Our catch this morning was 1 crappie and 4 blue gills.
Even the Fishing Guide caught weeds.
It was an amazing morning enjoying God's beauty, the silence of the lake and the fun of catching fish.

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