Monday, August 22, 2011

Wedding Mints

What is it about those little bite-size mints that is so addicting?
Do you know what mints I'm talking about?
The mints usually found at bridal showers, graduations or weddings.
Mints shaped like roses or petals or a graduation cap.
Cream cheese mints.
Oh, my mouth is watering for one right now just thinking of them!
My friend, Prairie Woman, had one of her children get married this summer.
I volunteered to make mints for the wedding.
You'd thought I had told her she'd won the lottery for the excitement
she displayed over my offer.

These mints are super easy to make.
They can be flavored and tinted to any color.
They do take awhile to make since each mint
is pressed into a mold manually.
The mints freeze well.
Because they freeze well, I made the 300 mints in July
for the August wedding.
On my mint-making day, I allowed the the mints
to set (about an hour),and then transferred them
to a 13x9 pan covered with waxed paper.
Layer by layer I stacked mints in the pans,
wrapping each layer in waxed paper.

Let me show you how to make mints.  You will need:
1 8-ounce box cream cheese at room temperature
2 pounds powdered sugar
Food coloring, if desired
Flavoring (I used peppermint)
Candy molds
1 cup granulated sugar
 Sift the powdered sugar and set aside.
 Place cream cheese in mixer and add sifted powdered sugar
a little at a time until well blended.
Add the flavoring and coloring at this time.
 Pour granulated sugar into a small bowl.
Make little balls from the dough and drop them into a bowl,
rolling each bowl to cover with sugar.
 Place a ball into a mold space and press gently to flatten.
 If the ball is too big, scrap off excess dough.
You'll want the bottom of the mint to be flat.
 Cover a table or counter with strips of waxed paper.
When the mold is full, turn it over on the
waxed paper and in my case,
20 mint roses appeared!
This recipe made 225 rose-sized mints.
 Allow the candies to sit for about an hour to "set".
They should be kept refrigerated or in the freezer.
The colors for the wedding were red and yellow. 
My mints turned out more pinkish than red.
Alongside the yellow, however, they were all beautiful.
 The day of the wedding I pulled the frozen mints
from the freezer and allowed the
pans to sit, covered, for about 3 hours.
They were nicely thawed, yet chilled,
for the serving table after that length of time.

This was a delightful, unique wedding.
The bride and groom were so excited to be married.
The color theme of red and yellow was carried
through details down to the bride's shoes...
 The serving table was so cute with home-made pin wheels and fresh flowers.
 The mints were definitely a hit.
And a fun addition to this cake and punch reception.
 Wedding mints
Amazingly addicting...yum, yum!

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