Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Toothless Kidlet

The joys of summer include getting doctor and dentist appointments in before school starts. 
At 7:30 am Tuesday morning Kidlet Three had two teeth pulled.  Maybe the use of the word "joy" in the first sentence is pushing it a bit...
We were at the dentist's office by 7:20 and he was out of the office with a numb, gauzed-up mouth by 8:10.

Boys sure are different than girls. Duh!  Once we were home, I parked the van in our driveway and watched as Kidlet Three got out with spit hanging down from his chin.  He was fascinated at swinging that spit string back and forth while I yelled at him to "wipe your mouth".  But no, he had to stand in the driveway for as long as he could enjoying that totally boy moment.  Watching him, I had flashbacks of the times Kidlet One had teeth removed.  She was so careful to keep her mouth wiped and there was no spit that was present from her mouth.  Yup...boys are different.

Kidlet Three got settled on the couch with the remote control, plenty of liquids to sip on and tylenol.  He spent his day like this:
His "gift bag" from the dentist included gauze, a toy and the famous treasure chest.
The treasure chest contains the precious teeth that were extracted.  In this case they were baby teeth that just didn't want to leave his mouth.
We get to repeat this whole process in a couple of weeks.  There are two more teeth that need to be pulled.  More joy!

I can just hear Kidlet Three giving an oral report on the first day of school called "What I Did On My Summer Vacation".  It will start with something like "My mom made me get up early and I had to get my teeth pulled...."

Being Toothless isn't all bad.  There is an unlimited supply of popsicles, which is a great summer treat.

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