Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Moms in Prayer

I belong to a group called Moms In Prayer.  The group used to be called Moms In Touch.  Here is a quote from the founder of the International group:
“Yes, Moms In Touch has changed its name to Moms in Prayer International! Don't you love it? The name clearly and simply says what we do. We pray! No explanation is needed. We believe this new name will bring greater unity worldwide.”— Founder / President Fern Nichols
Two times a month our little group meets to prayer, out loud, for each teacher, staff, and student at the school where our children attend.  We don't just pray for our own kids.

We realize that there just may be kids and families at that school that don't have anyone praying for them.  So, we open the student/parent directory and we pray blessings over each and every student and their parents. By name.  We pray for each one of them by name. 

I totally believe in this organization and I totally believe in the power of prayer.  Unfortunately there have been many physical fights in the Kidlet Three's school this year.  Since our little group started praying through the directory and at each and every meeting we pray for peace in that school, I haven't heard reports of fights.  Praise God.

Moms in Prayer.  We might as well be called Mighty Warriors for the Kids In Our City! 

If you would like to join a group in your community, or if you'd like to become more familiar with the group, click the link here.  Moms in Prayer International.  This is an amazing opportunity.  And you are never too late to join.

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