Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Heart Hurts...

My heart hurts tonight after reading this story:  startribune

I don't know this family and we don't live in this city but I love hockey and my heart hurts for this boy.  Kidlet Three heard about this boy and was pretty shook up when he was telling me what happened.  I then went to the website and read the story.  I am shook up, too.

Kidlet Three has played in some pretty rough hockey games.  I know how these "checks from behind" happen.  Players are taught that these "checks" are wrong yet so many of the players try to sneak the check in.

The Husband and I pray with Kidlet Three before each hockey game for protection.  We actually pray for both teams that they will play a fair game and that protection is there for both teams.   Yet God gives all of us "choice".  And despite our prayers for protection, players can choose to "check from behind" and now there is a life that is changed forever because of a choice.

Oh, my heart hurts and the tears are flowing for a boy and his family I'll never meet but I know their lives were changed in an instant.  Please pray for them with me.  And pray for the boy that gave the "check". 

Amazingly sad tonight...just pray.

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