Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Big Game

Tonight is The Big Game.  The Big Hockey Game.  When Kidlet Three's hockey team was formed last fall, an equally talented team was also formed.  One team is called The Red Team and the other is The Black Team.  Boys that have played hockey with each other for years are now playing against each other. 

The first time we played The Black Team it was a very, very close game and Kidlet Three's team won by one or two goals.  But, many boys got hurt during the game because it got physical.  These boys tend to get aggressive when they are playing against friends.  There is a penalty in hockey called "charging".  This means a player skates with intent more than three steps toward a player who doesn't have the puck.  And the charging player body slams the other player.  That happened to Kidlet Three in that game.  He was charged and ended up with the wind knocked out of him and with bruised ribs.  He missed school for a day and we spent money at the doctor with x-rays and a chat with the doctor.  All because a hockey player was frustrated that his team was losing.  And Kidlet Three happened to be in his way.

Side note:  I understand the need to check in hockey to get possession of the puck.  That is part of the game.  There is a fine line, however, between playing the game and having intent to hurt someone.

Well, the second game of the season happened in a tournament after our team had played three games of hockey and our boys were pooped (Frozen Tundra language for tired).  The other team had played two games and skated better so they won.

Tonight is the play-off game.  Here it is at 6:30 in the morning and I woke up praying about this game already.  I just don't want anyone to get hurt.  I want to watch a good game of hockey and not watch Testosterone-Filled Boys flailing each other around like rag dolls. 

It is The Big Game.  Little do the boys know I've already invited God's Heavenly Host to fill the arena and to be on the ice all day long.  I've asked God to allow those Heavenly Beings to remain there as bumpers for the boys so that no one gets hurt.  And I'm praying for the referees to have eyes to see any penalties.  And that the coaches would consider this Just A Game and not a revenge game.  Included also in my prayers are the players and the parents.

God told us we could ask Him for anything.  So I do.  I love that about Him.  He is so interested in everything and every part of our life.  Even hockey.

He is amazing.  Tune in tomorrow to find out the score of The Big Game.

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