Friday, January 6, 2012

Dancing with Stars...NOT!

Kidlet Three is 14-years-old and is in 8th grade.  As he was going to bed last night, he started begging me to write him an excuse out of phy ed.  He is very athletic and phy ed is usually his favorite class.  It took a little coaxing before he would admit that the class is starting to learn ballroom dancing. 

I couldn't help it but I laughed and laughed that he wanted to skip ballroom dancing class!  

From a young age I've danced with Kidlet Three in the house.  He has a great sense of rhythm and is a good dancer.  At wedding dances, he has always been the kid that is on the dance floor all night long! 

So having him NOT want to dance, is funny.

At 10 o'clock last night, in our pajamas, I taught him the box step.  He caught on right away.  I told him he would do fine in phy ed, tucked him into bed and we all went to sleep.

This morning at breakfast he started in begging me to pull him out of phy ed.  Oh boy!  I reassured him that the 45 minutes of dancing torture would go quickly.

As he ran out of the house to catch the bus, I yelled after him what I say every morning:

I love you!
Have a good day in school!

This morning, Kidlet Three's response to me was:
I love you, too!
Pray for me at 12:40 because that is when phy ed starts!

I almost fell off my chair!  He hasn't asked me to pray for anything specific for a very long time.   You can bet I was praying for him at 12:40 p.m.
School is over at 2 p.m.  I called Kidlet Three's cell phone at 3 p.m. and he answered his phone saying:

Hi Mom!  Ballroom dancing was really fun! 
The teacher asked my partner and I to demonstrate because we figured it out right away!

Isn't that cute!  When I got home from work he grabbed my hand and taught me the dance he learned today. 

We won't make any sort of a spot on Dancing with the Stars but we sure had fun laughing and giggling in the kitchen!

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