Saturday, January 29, 2011

Riley Reporting In

Welcome!  My name is Riley and I'm the fluffiest member of So Amazed's family.  My first post was a little personal with bath pictures and all.  Today I decided to show you what life is like in the Frozen Tundra from my perspective.
First, can you tell in this outside photo, that I've had a haircut?  Why My Humans decided to have my warmth cut off just before The Big Snow, I'll never understand.  Here I am being told to go down the steps from The Deck.  Are they serious?  I love The Deck.  I'd just as soon not leave The Deck.  If My Humans don't shovel The Deck, I feel comfortable 'doing my business' on The Deck and then getting back inside as quickly as possible.  The Humans don't like my using The Deck in this way so they shovel it.  Forcing The Deck.

I will not bark too loudly about what My Humans have done for me in My Backyard.  A very loud machine that blows snow was carried up through the house and brought to My Backyard.  Oh the noise that machine made and the snow that blew around.  There was no way I was going outside during that chaos.  However, after the noise stopped, I let So Amazed know I was willing to go outside and what to my wondering eyes did appear, but paths.  Running paths in My Backyard.

This is actually, Pretty Amazing if I may say so myself.  My Backyard is like a play land and I can run on the Many Different Paths.  Don't I look tall in this picture!  This is my Stalking Pose.  There was a bird in the neighbor's feeder that I just knew was going to try to get in My Backyard and I was ready for it. 
One of my Many Paths brings me to the gate where I can see the front of the house.  In the summer, this is my favorite place to bark.  Every car, person, well, any moving thing I will bark at to let So Amazed know that something or someone is out front.  There isn't so much to bark at in the Frozen Tundra so I get a little bored at the gate.
Apples from the very top of the apple tree didn't get picked in the fall.  All to my pleasure!  When they hit the ground now, I enjoy trying to chew on the fruity mush.  I'm quite proud of myself in this photo.  It took all of my jumping skills to get on top of the snow.  It was treacherous, but someone had to check out that apple.

And after my several laps on the Many Paths, I head back up to My Deck and will scratch on the screen door to get back inside. 
Did you know that I am quite attached to So Amazed's Man?  She calls him, The Husband.  I call him My Human.  He scratches my belly.  He rubs my ears.  In the kitchen, I am faithful to be at his side because he drops crumbs every single time.  I will not leave his side because he needs me to clean up after him.  Attentive to My Human, that is my calling. 

There is a cupboard, in the kitchen, where my food is kept.  I will guard and protect that cupboard at all costs.  From the farthest point of the house, when that cupboard door is opened, I can hear it and I come running.  FOOD!  I love food...

My food dishes are not fancy and I don't care.  My nose fits perfectly in this old sour cream container.  You can pet me and you can talk to me when I'm eating but I really, really, really do love food.
I do have to be honest and confess that my love for food does not end at my Dog Food.  I will eat anything.  So Amazed has a tall container in the kitchen that I can sometimes push over or grab things off the top.  I hear her call the container A Garbage Can.  To me, it is the snack container.  See here, I had a wonderful snack and, unfortunately, I'm not good at cleaning up after myself.  The coffee grounds were not tasty.  For some reason So Amazed raised her voice at me when she came to the kitchen. 

My kennel is my sanctuary.  Sometimes I drag snacks into my kennel to nibble, chew and lick when I get the chance.
Well, I guess I got Long-Winded and rattled on long enough.  In a future post, I'm hoping So Amazed will post the video that she's made with me.  I am the next American Idol.  You should hear me sing.  But, in closing, I hope you enjoyed the glimpse into my life.  I'll leave you with another of my favorite pastimes....snuggling with Kidlet Three.  arrrrfffff....arrrfffff...bye!

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