Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Passed-Around Pajamas

MANY years ago, my Dad bought my Mom some pajamas.

Mom was complaining she was cold so Dad bought her terry cloth,  one-piece-footed pajamas with a hood.  He thought they would keep her warm.

Pink, purple and white striped stretchy pajamas with a little drop-bottom-section in the back.

The most ugly pajamas any of us have ever seen. 

So, as a joke, Mom hid them in our Box-to-Bring-Home at the end of our Christmas together.

The next Christmas, I wrapped those funky pajamas up in a very pretty box and gave them back to my Mom.

The next Christmas, Mom put those jammies in a food saver bag and sucked all the air out of the bag.  She then wrapped that rock hard wad of pajamas in an ice cream bucket for me.

Back and forth those pajamas have gone over the years with each of us trying to disguise the package so the other wouldn't know when the pajamas were going to appear.

Mom even had them shipped to my work place one year.  At a department meeting, in front of everyone, a co-worker handed me the box to open and how embarrassing to pull out pajamas!

Do you wonder what these famous pajamas really look like?  Well, when I turned 50, my mom drove 250 miles to deliver those jammies to my front yard.  She and Dad stuffed them to make them look like a body and this is what I found when I got home from work that day:

Uff da!  So when my Mom had her 70th birthday, the pressure was on to top what she had done for my birthday.  I put the Pajama Lady in Kidlet One's prom dress and gave her a Red Hat.  She was stuffed into the trunk of my car and I drove the 250 miles to my parent's town.  I had called ahead and got permission to wire Pajama Lady to a bench outside of the Small-Town-Church.  It was so hard to keep a straight face visiting and staying overnight with Dad and Mom.  Dad and Mom went to church alone the next morning and oh boy was my Mom in for a surprise.  On the bench right by the front door was Classy Pajama Lady with a huge Happy Birthday sign!  The pastor even made a comment about the Lady on the Bench that greeted everyone coming into the service that morning.
 Several years have past and the pajamas hadn't shown up.  I was waiting for my next big surprise and it came at Christmas 2009.  Kidlet One was given the pajamas and oh the response on her face when she realized she was now included in the game!  She was not thrilled but Son-In-Law sure that it was funny!

 Which brings us to Christmas, 2010.  Guess who got them this year....Kidlet Two! 
And that little smarty pants...he quickly left the room and wrapped them in a new package and put it under the tree so Grandma got them back 10 minutes after he had opened them.
Those Passed-Around-Pajamas live on.  Do you have any fun Family Games that you want to share?

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  1. I would love to wear those pajamas in the winter time. You don't find them in stretch terry anymore. Its a shame none of your family wants to wear them. Why don't you give them to someone who would love them. Sad