Saturday, June 12, 2010

Riley Posts Today

Hi, my name is Riley
I live with So Amazed, Kidlet Three and The Husband.
Really, I belong to Kidlet One but when she went to college,
she couldn't take me along.  After graduating and getting a job,
her apartment landlord said I couldn't stay there.
So, I live in the Home City.

Today is a rainy day and for some reason
Kidlet Three decided I needed a bath.
I tried to hide.  When I heard the
bathtub water running, really truly
I tried to hide by So Amazed.  For
some reason everyone in the house thought
that was funny.  Kidlet Three took off my
collar and carried me, even though I squirmed
as much as I could, into the warm water.
I guess I really don't mind getting a bath.
The whole process goes fairly quickly and that
water is just right--not too hot and not too cold.
Kidlet Three pours the water over my head and tries
to keep it from going into my ears.

I appreciate that very much!

This is not the best picture of me.  I begged and begged
for this one to not be included, but it does show how
gentle Kidlet Three is with me.  I had heard that
"puppy dog eyes" could make people "give in" and
change what they were doing but in this case, it didn't work.

After a quick shampoo and very thorough rinse,
Kidlet Three is ready to get me out of the tub.
He starts by toweling off my head...
And then he wraps me in a towel and tries getting me dried off.
I really don't like this part and would prefer....shaking.
The minute I finally get out of his arms, I shake, shake, shake
and oh boy, that feels great!  And then I
usually run.  Anywhere I can go, I run to let that
air flow through my freshly cleaned fur
Here is one final shake before I start playing fetch with
Kidlet Three.  So Amazed is usually disinfecting
the bathtub so doesn't get to play fetch with me.
Well, that was the excitement in the house today.
The next time you walk or run by my house, I'll be
the one barking my fool-little-head-off in the
front window or along the fence outside.  People
say they can hear me pretty good..that I have a
very distinctive bark.
Thanks for stopping by!

Signed, Riley

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