Sunday, January 2, 2011

Lethal Luau

Oh my goodness....did you hear hilarious laughter ringing through the hills on New Year's Eve?  The laughter was coming from The Lethal Luau.
What is The Lethal Luau?

A murder, mystery party that The Husband and I were invited to with two other couples.  I'd heard of these dinners but had never participated in one and now I am hooked!  This was so funny and quirky!

The day of the party, the hostess dropped off an invitation that described the scene of the crime, a luau.  This was a lethal luau in that a man, Chase Diamond, was poisoned and died.  There were six of us guests at the luau and one of us put the poison in Chase's drink. Thus, the name, Lethal Luau.

Also on the invitation was the assignment as to which of the six guests The Husband and I were.  There was a brief description of each person and suggestions for costumes.  This was a dress-up, costume party!   We were to really play up our part.

I will not give away the details of this storyline in case you ever play this one out.  In other words, no spoiler alert in this blog!  You can know, however, that I was Holly Day, the wife of a billionaire and I was a meticulous dresser.  I wore my magenta suit with matching nail polish and lots of jewelry.  Take a look at my bling ring...
Now The Husband got to be a Polynesian tribal chief.  He had a really long name but for short he was called Chief Wiki Wiki.   He really got into this part...

 Arriving at the party we had place cards at the table and a script that we read through.  Well, we laughed and acted out the script!

This is  Bo Jo, a surfer dude.  He started the evening with sunscreen smeared on the end of his nose, like a real surfer dude!

And then there was Nadia Seymour, the swimsuit model!  She was very clever in that she had a turtleneck on and put her swimsuit over the turtleneck!  Especially since the outside temperature this night was like 1 degree above zero!
Leilani had the only grass skirt of the night!
Unfortunately I missed getting a picture of the last guest, Les Baggs, the tourist with the missing luggage.

As mentioned above, each of us had a script and questions we were to ask. 
And then at specific times, each of us had a clue that we were to reveal.
Our hostess made food around the luau theme. 
Including pineapple salsa that was out of this world good! 
This was one luau in which the pig could not be roasted in a pit in the back yard...there were several inches of snow on top of the frozen tundra! So we had pulled pork sandwiches and lots of fresh fruit and munchies.

Chief Wiki Wiki's headdress kind of fell apart during the evening so he wore his feathers in all different ways...
The disclosure of the killer was a suspenseful surprise!  Only one of us guessed the right person so it was a Well-Acted-Out night, ha! ha! 
I hope you had a special New Year's celebration!


  1. I have this game and am missing clue #4. Is there a way to email me a picture of clue 4?