Monday, January 10, 2011

Courage Works

Courage.  The cowardly lion asked for that in The Wizard of Oz.  I think we chuckle at that lion and don't realize the importance of what he was asking for.

What is courage?

Merriam-Webster defines courage as:  mental or moral strength to venture, persevere and withstand danger, fear or difficulty.
Within the past two years, there was a point where everytime I turned around I saw or read that word.  Courage.  It was like God wanted to me get understand what courage was.  Over and over it would seem that word jumped into my life.  So I looked up every occurrence of the word courage in the Bible and wrote out the verses.  Time was spent reading those verses over and over and eventually I came to a place of saying:  we all need God to give us more courage.  It is a powerful gift that He can give us.

Life is not for the faint-hearted.  There is some real ick in this world.  Sometimes the ick happens because of me.  I know there have been times in my life where I naively made a choice or decision that made a mess.  Yet there are times where I know full well that I am making choices and decisions that not good. There is no naive in these decisions. We all do it.  We just push through the "nudges" we feel inside and do what we know we shouldn't.  And the result of those decisions is ick. 

Yes, you've done it, too.

At the point we decide (that is another big word) to make a change...courage should be right around the corner for us.  Hmmmm.  Think on that one for a minute.  Some of the ick in my life could be changed if I had more courage to make better decisions?  Or perhaps if I had courage I could just not create ick situations!  Isn't that an interesting concept.

When I pray for people now, I always pray for courage.  It doesn't matter what circumstances the person is in, I pray for courage.  And I ask God to give me courage, daily.

Courage works.  Unfortunately each of my Kidlets has faced huge obstacles already in their lives.  Each of them has faced life-threatening obstacles.  I now see how courage played an important part (and still plays an important part) in their safety.  Courage works.

Today I want to give a public shout out to Kidlet Two.  He has made the decision to quit smoking.  He has tried several times before and that strong hook of addiction wouldn't release.  This time is different.  I feel it that this is the time he will be released from cigarettes.  Praise God! 

It has taken great courage to get to the point of wanting to quit.
It has taken great courage to admit to his parents the addiction and desire to quit.
It has taken great courage to pursue his treatment plan to help in the quitting.
It has taken courage.

Today is Day 12 of no smoking.  We are celebrating each day that he doesn't smoke.  Join with me in shouting out...WAY TO GO KIDLET TWO!  And then, please, thank God for His courage for Kidlet Two.

Courage works.  Ask Him for some.  You'll be amazed at what He does in your life with courage!

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