Saturday, January 1, 2011


Happy New Year!

We have a daily calendar in the bathroom.  Yes, you read that correctly, in the bathroom.  Every member of the family visits that room so I've placed the thought-provoking calendar in there.

On the calendar this morning was a most unique challenge that has stuck with me for the hours since I've read it.  May this post stir around in you and challenge you to consider how often you drink and how much you'd like to drink of what Max Lucado writes in this piece:
"Set your minds on things above." Colossians 3:2

There was a time when [my daughters] celebrated my daily arrival. Jenna was five years old, Andrea three. Denalyn would alert them, and they would scamper to the window...Seeing me, they squealed. My, how they jumped and clapped. You'd think someone had switched their M&M's for coffee beans....As I opened the door, they tackled my knees and flooded the entryway with tsunami-size joy. Their father was home.

It's been too long since I searched for God that way...Let's do better...How about regular ladle dips into the well of God's grace?  Drink deeply, my friend.  And drink daily.

How much of God's grace do you want?  A small coffee cup amount?

Perhaps the "mug" over the cup?

I think I'm going for the pitcher...Pouring His grace down my mouth and guzzling all of God that I can get. 

You are invited to drink.  Drink in God's grace and love (and so much more).  Daily.

The drink is spending time with God.  Read His Word.  Talk to Him...out loud even.  And then listen.  He yearns to dialogue with you.  The drink is a relationship with Him that is indescribably incredible.  The drink is a completeness in knowing who you are because He will tell you of your rightful identity...and so much more.

Start drinking....Him.  You'll be So Amazed...

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  1. Wow, thanks for sharing that Deb. I too want to drink deeply from the pitcher of God's presence and grace! I want Him to tell me my rightful identity. I yearn to dialogue with Him. May this new year be a time of throne room encounters.