Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Christmas Game

In our split-level house, I decorate along the stairs with a fun nativity.  Every year this set finds itself on the passageway in and out of our home.

The fun part of this is that I arrange the pieces a certain way and almost daily, the pieces get re-arranged.

The Husband and Kidlet Three both shook their head "no" when I asked them if they had moved the pieces. 

They probably thought if they confessed I would be upset with them...

It has become a game.  I re-arrange the pieces.  Someone arranges them differently.  I arrange them in yet a different way.  They are arranged different still.

Here are some snapshots of the ever-so-subtle different "poses" I've found the nativity in:

It is almost like a "where's Waldo" game.  Some of the changes made were slight and I had to pay attention.

A Christmas Game...I think Jesus would be laughing with us on this one!

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