Thursday, August 16, 2012

As I pluck my chin hairs...

Standing at the mirror with tweezers in hand, I prepare to attack the lone chin hairs that pop up randomly.  Perhaps this is not information you want to know about me but the timing of my tweezing and the reading of the daily devotional is uncanny.  See, the daily devotional was on the wrong date as I started my procedure so I stopped to change the calendar and my eyes fell on the first word for the current date....Aging.

Aging.  Well, that word got my attention.  Putting the tweezers down, I took the time to read Max Lucado's devotional of the day.  Here it is:

Aging is God's idea.... It's one of the ways he keeps us headed homeward.  We can't change the process, but we can change our attitude.... What if we looked at the aging body as we look at the growth of a tulip?  Do you ever see...gardeners weep as the bulb begins to weaken?  Of course not.... Tulip lovers rejoice the minute the bulb weakens.  "Watch that one," they say. "It's about to bloom."

Could it be heaven does the same?  The angels point to our bodies.  The more frail we become, the more excited they become.  "Watch that lady in the hospital," they say.  "She's about to blossom."  "Keep an eye on the fellow with bad heart.  He'll be coming home soon."
I did pick up the tweezers to pull those chin hairs.  Thinking on those words about aging, I found myself comforted.  My father-in-law is 90 years old and he has weakened.  If I look at him as about to blossom, it is encouraging and brings me peace.  

My own body is aging.  Chin hairs are just one sign of that weakening process.  I am not going to stop plucking those warrior chin hairs, but I will not become too vain about my someday-going-to-blossom body.    Also, because I have a personal and intentional relationship with God, death is the beginning for me.  The beginning of a forever time of literally being in the presence of my Lord and Savior.

For God to give Max Lucado that wonderful analogy of tulips and aging is amazing to me.  May you be encouraged by his words today, too.  And let me know if you need to borrow my tweezers...

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  1. I'm going to go pluck my own chin hairs...blossoming with you!