Sunday, August 5, 2012

August Classic Baseball

The third place trophy in a top-players-in-the-state baseball tournament
sits proudly on our dashboard.

Kidlet Three was asked to participate in this 4-day
by-invitation-only tournament.
 Team Red was composed of boys from three different cities in the State.
Kidlet Three is #12 in the picture and represented Our City
In one game, these boys hit six homeruns and
for each one, the entire team met the batter at the plate.
 The Husband was asked to be an assistant coach.
He was the Booster on the Bench
and also kept the scorebook.
 Additional scenes from the tournament include...

Another homerun...
 Balls, bats, cleats...
 The catchers pads...
 Pants showing signs of a slide into a base...
 Kidlet Three enjoying the game...
 And the celebration of a hard-earned third place finish.
 Booster and Kidlet Three were excited with their trophies.
I was amazed at the talent displayed in these games.
It was a great experience watching these boys
get to know one another, encourage each other,
and have fun playing baseball together.

Way to go Kidlet Three!
And great job Booster!

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