Monday, August 27, 2012

A Corny Saturday Night

How do you spend your Saturday nights?  Last Saturday night I had a date with 60 plus ears of corn and some freezer bags.

The evening started with The Husband and Kidlet Three packing up hockey gear and taking off for a two-hour hockey tryout.  The car was barely out of the driveway and I had the laptop propped up on the table with a Netflix movie starting.  Five bags of fresh-picked corn were on the table waiting to be husked. With that movie going I started husking ear after ear after ear after ear...

It was rather disturbing when the movie came to end and I still wasn't done ripping the husks off the cobs.

Finally I was done and could carry the ears over to the stove.

Into a large pot of boiling water I dropped about 10 ears of corn.  The cover was placed on the pot and the timer set for 9 minutes.  Betty Crocker would call this blanching the corn.
I plucked that corn from the boiling water and plopped each ear into the sink filled with cold water.  It doesn't look like there is water in the sink, but there is. Several trays of ice cubes were added to the water.
Each ear was kept in the cold water for twice the time of about 20 minutes.  As these ears were chilled, another pot of corn was being blanched.

When the ears were chilly, I set them on a towel and started cutting the corn off.  I used an electric knife.
Don't those sheared cobs look naked?
The whole process took me several hours.
The date night came to a close when I transferred many bags of fresh corn into the freezer.
An amazing Corny Saturday night!!!

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  1. Wow! What a time investment, but now you have summertime flavor packed away for December! I remember doing 100 ears the first year of our marriage with help from my grandma. You did 60 ears with no help. Way to go!