Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Let's Play Ball

The hockey equipment is dried out and packed away. 

Baseball gloves, balls and the hitting machine have been set up in the family room (yes, you read that correctly) for several weeks now.  All in preparation of the baseball season.

Kidlet Three has been involved in three nights of baseball tryouts to secure a place on a traveling baseball team. 

Last night was the final night and he did make one of the two teams and we are all so excited.  And we are very proud of him.

The Husband and I will have a social life again now.  Since hockey ended, we've been rattling around in the house together missing all of the other hockey parents.  Isn't that a selfish reason to have your child play sports...for the social life!

So with great excitement we look forward to many evenings and weekends watching games like this one...
And I look forward to adding my chair into this line of moms watching the game... 
The Husband always grills during tournament weekends so he has been eyeing the tub of grilling supplies in the garage in anticipation...
And even the rainy ballgames will be fun and something to look forward too.
Let's play ball!

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