Sunday, April 1, 2012

Riley Posts

Hi, my name is Riley.  It has been awhile since I've posted.
SoAmazed and her family have gone on vacation
and I have a dog sitter staying with me.
 While my family is away, I feel a tremendous burden
to protect the family's property.
Let me give  you a quick overview
of all my responsibilities.

There is a chipmunk that jumps from the
deck onto the bird feeder.  I station myself
under the feeder and keep an eye out for
that little critter.
 Along the back fence I sniff for evidence of intruders.
 Even the slightest noise puts me on guard.  
I believe this picture was taken when someone
walked along the front of the house and I 
needed to see who it was.
 Inside the house, I can see out the front door.
I've been known to stand in this spot for periods
of time waiting for people to walk past the house.
 After the sniffing and patrolling, I do take a break.
Laying on the couch is allowed by SoAmazed 
so I know I won't get in trouble when she gets home.
 I miss SoAmazed.  Often she cuddles with me
on this very couch.
 After my break, it is back to work.
Standing on the deck, I check out the backyard.
 There was a disturbance that needed my attention here.
 My second favorite spot in the house is this chair.
I can stand in this chair for hours.
From here I can see any bird, dog or person
that moves outside.
 I take this job seriously.
I bark and bark and bark and bark and bark...
if I see movement outside.
Even if I sit, I have a great view.
 My kennel is a haven.
As I get older, I find that I enjoy
a little R&R in here even when I
don't have to go in.
When SoAmazed leaves the house,
she and and the family put me in
here.  If I don't go in here, I
get tempted to dig through garbage cans.
I guess I get bored...
 The dog sitter does a great job feeding me.
I love my food.
Does anyone have any questions about me
or what I do around the house? 

SoAmazed, would you please come home.
All of the extra patrolling 
and barking is wearing on me.
I miss my family!

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