Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hair Secret

Today I feel like revealing a hair secret.  Not that this secret will ever be published as a major news release like the Kardashians. . .

Nonetheless, I continue on in my need to confess.  Last Friday morning Kidlet Three was taking his sweet time in the shower before school.  I needed to get ready for work.  My hair needed washing and the shampoo was in the bathroom, behind the locked door where Kidlet Three was scrubbing his teenage torso.

Side note:  he was probably sitting in the bathtub with the shower running....dozing.  That is what Kidlet Two used to do.  We'd have to pound on the bathroom door to wake up Kidlet Two...teenagers!

Back to the secret.  I went to the rag bag and grabbed an old towel and headed to the kitchen sink to wash my hair.  Here is the secret:

Dawn dish soap was my shampoo of choice last Friday.

To me it was no big deal.  It was the first time in my whole like that I remember using dish soap but hey, no one was going to know, right!

Here is the funny part.  I do not ever putz with my hair.  I dry it and whatever it looks like I spray it and go on with my day.  Well, Friday's style, was pretty awesome.  Whatever happened between the Dawn and the hair dryer, my hair looked good on Friday.  And you should've heard the comments I got from my co-workers.  "Did you just get your hair cut" or "your hair is really nice today" or "wow, what did you do different to your hair today".

Go figure.  The moderately-expensive shampoo we usually buy has never given me the style and compliments I received on Friday.

I just may try Dawn again on another day and see if I get the same hair results.  If I do, I may be writing to the Dawn company and submitting to them the new angle to their product!

Amazing Dawn!  Give it a try on YOUR hair!  tee hee hee....

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