Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Home From the Hospital

The Husband is home from the hospital.  On Sunday I took him to the emergency room with extreme abdominal pain, nausea and excessive diarrhea.  The Husband doesn't have his colon so he gets dehydrated quite quickly.  With the diarrhea he'd been having, dehydration was a concern of ours.
After two hours of waiting in the lobby at the Emergency Room, a nurse came to re-assess The Husband and she found his blood pressure dropping and while she was talking with him, he passed out and started vomiting while he was unconscious.  Medical staff came running and cleared The Husband's airway.  It was all quite exciting...NOT!  He immediately was moved into a critical care room and for the next six hours, he had fluids pushed through his IV.  Those of you medically trained, the IV pump in this picture is not the one from the ED but the one showing his IV rate once he was in his room.  
 A CT scan showed a partial bowel obstruction.  With his history of these and with the surgical risk he is, he was admitted to a medical unit to receive IV fluids and to wait (and pray a lot) for the kink of bowel to unkink.  Three nights and four days later, he is able to drink more fluids (input) than the output his body is making.

During his hospitalization, Kidlet Three and I visited often.  Kidlet One and Favorite-Son-In-Law did also come to visit.  Here, Kidlet Three is getting ready to do his homework with his dad's help.  It was algebra and I am just dumb in algebra so Kidlet Three needed his dad's help.

I was so intrigued that the hand sanitizer has its own holder welded onto the end of the bed.  Every healthcare person coming in and out of the room used this.
IV fluids and McDonald's soft drinks.  And homework. And prayers.  Oh we prayed and thanked God for being with us during this adventure.
Thank you SO MUCH for praying for The Husband and the rest of our family.  We know that God heard your prayers.  In the past, The Husband has rebounded so quickly from a partial bowel obstruction.  

We are amazed and grateful.

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