Thursday, March 8, 2012

War: The Fight Is On

War:  The Fight is On

Monday morning as I started my day in prayer, this is the God-Nudge that came to me.  You might remember that the night before The Husband had been admitted to the hospital with a possible bowel obstruction.

Twenty-five years ago when The Husband and I were expecting our first child, he had a bowel obstruction.  The doctors told us his abdominal x-ray looked like a rubber band that has been rubbed between your hands and is nothing but a twisted mess.  Surgery was done to straighten the twisted mess.  And within 24-hours of post-surgery, The Husband was worse!

See, he grows scar tissue like Campbell's makes soup.  Back to surgery he went and within 30 minutes of the start of surgery, the surgeon walked into the room where I was waiting.  For the second time in The Husband's life, the surgeon could not even cut him open.  The scar tissue (adhesion) was so dense, that the surgical team was breaking scalpels trying to cut open The Husband.  Those adhesions had completely closed up any remaining bowel.  He was closed up and laid in the hospital bed for two months waiting for the adhesions to soften so food could pass.  

Monday morning, I knew that this was a very real possibility in front of us.  

And the only way out of this was our Amazing God.

War:  The Fight is On

The Fight is prayer.  In prayer I worship, give honor and glory to the Living God who is and has been faithful to The Husband and I.  There were many other prayer warriors that joined me in praying for this loop of bowel to unkink.  

Again, God was faithful.  He amazes me. 

Stress and fear try to creep in when these health issues pop up.  Sometimes I am tempted to make a list of all the 'issues' in my life and there are some ongoing Could-Be-Stressful-Issues.  If I spend time reviewing that list, wow, I can really get myself into a funk.  

War:  The Fight is On 

includes my thoughts.  There is a war for my thoughts.  I have to choose to NOT review the list and to keep my thoughts on the One-That-Is-Faithful.  

Which brings me to one of my favorite songs, "This Warrior Is a Child".  I found myself singing this song today.   I hadn't heard it in years but it has been a song that I have felt could be my trademark song.  When the battle is on.  When there is War and the Fight is On...sometimes the Warrior Is a Child and needs to go running home to God.  To His Home to be refreshed and re-strengthened.

If you are feeling overwhelmed with issues in life.  If you are needing to know God's incredible, refreshing and unending love, run to Him.  

You can choose to trust in Him just as I do.

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