Thursday, March 15, 2012


I wonder how many of you would remember these good TV shows from the past:

Walt Disney
I Love Lucy

It is so difficult to find a TV show that doesn't have:

Boobs (yup, I typed it)
Dads made to look dumb
Horrific crime scenes

You get the picture.

Well, Kidlet Three and I have found a show that we record each week.  We even go back and re-watch certain episodes because we laugh so hard.

Before I tell you what the show is, I have to remind you that it has always been very important to me that all three of my Kidlets be able to cook several meals on their own before they graduate and move on to college.  They have to be able to sustain themselves in cooking, cleaning and doing their own laundry.  And Kidlet Three is on his way to this independence having mastered a quesadilla!  Well, he is make other meals, too, but that is his standby meal!

Back to the TV show we love.  Have you seen this show?

Watching these adults try to cook and do basic tasks is nothing less than hilarious.  Then put them with Master Chefs Anne and Bobbie and the fun gets 'kicked up a notch'.

The episode from this week had one of the women walking around the kitchen with flour all over in her hair because she hadn't put the cover on the food processor when she was mixing flour and butter.  Oh my gosh it was funny.

Check out this link, worst-cooks-in-america, to watch episodes online.  I would love to hear you laugh as you watch it!

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