Thursday, December 27, 2012

What You Do...Does Matter!

Do not despise...small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin.  Zechariah 4:10

Against a towering giant, a brook pebble seems futile.  But God used it to topple Goliath.  Compared to the tithes of the wealthy, a widow's coins seem puny.  But Jesus used them to inspire us...

Moses had a staff.  David had a sling.  Samson had a jawbone.  Rahab had a string.  Mary had some ointment.  Dorcas had a needle.  All were used by God.

What do you have?  God inhabits the tiny seed, empowers the tiny deed....  Don't discount the smallness of your deeds.

Max Lucado in Cure For the Common Life

The above was my devotional for today.  It made me think of several of my friends that feel their current "calling" in life doesn't mean much. 

Whether it is wiping noses and butts, cleaning an office after hours, picking up trash and so on, if God asked you to do those tasks....don't discount the smallness of your deeds.

I think all of us that have a personal relationship with God, wonder from time to time what in the world our purpose on this world is.  As in how could He use little old me to change His world?

But David didn't question his purpose when he went after Goliath.  I truly believe the widow didn't move the coins between her fingers trying to decide if she should give her final monies...she just did it because she knew God.

Friends, EVERYTHING you do is important.  Every sock you wash (you know who you are when you read this....), every trash can that gets emptied, every coffee cup you fill as a server, all of it is important.

You are being used by God.

This is a good word and full of truth.

So Amazed that once again....God speaks words of love and encouragement!

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