Sunday, December 16, 2012

Vacuuming - Helmets are Required

The following account is true and can be verified by witnesses.

The Husband accidentally tipped over a poinsettia plant and dirt spilled onto the carpet.  He began trying to scoop the dirt from the light-tan carpet.  In unison, My Mom and I screeched:  Don't scoop, you'll rub it into the carpet...get the vacuum.

Begrudgingly The Husband got the vacuum, plugged it in and quickly cleaned the carpet.

I bet you are wondering why I stated in the title that helmets are required?  Here is the answer.

Switching off the vacuum, The Husband grabbed the cord and gave it a quick, hard tug.  The plug flew out of the outlet and right up to The Husband's forehead as if there were a target there.

In the blink of an eye there was blood running down The Husband's forehead. 

For the past week The Husband has a sore on his forehead as a reminder of that vacuum cord.

He thought it would be funny to send an email to friends giving his side of this story.  His moral to the story was that he should never vacuum again.

There were several people that encouraged him to walk to the outlet and unplug the cord. 

Many opinions and suggestions were given to the The Husband, none of which confirmed his I shouldn't vacumm anymore...

My favorite answer will become the moral to this story:  Vacuuming - Helmets are Required

**Just a funny, true story to bring a chuckle to your day**

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