Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Hobble-Fest at Our House

Kidlet Three's surgery was successful yesterday.  In less than an hour, a small plate was screwed into the growth plates on both knees.  This plate will prohibit growth on that side of the femur, forcing the bone to grow on the other side of the leg.  His knees are growing together (knock kneed) and this procedure will correct that.

Coming home from the hospital, Kidlet Three's knees are ace-wrapped.  He cannot bend either knee. As soon as we got into the house, he grabbed my walker.   The walker I've been using to hobble around the house in my rehab!  He is so much stronger than I so arm wrestling to determine who gets the walker isn't an option.  I gave him the walker and I graduated to crutches.

Last night we both were up walking around the house in what can only be called a Hobble-Fest.  Walker and crutches, hobble, hobble, hobble.  No one exceeded any speed limit.  No one tried to pass in the no passing zone.

We just hobbled. 

We hobbled around the table, down the hallway, turned around and repeated the hobbling.

This morning we've hobbled together once already. 

Kidlet Three and I think we should make a video of our Hobble-Fest.  We could sell it as a comedy DVD for post-surgery patients to get them laughing.

Wise words state:  "A cheerful heart is good medicine..."

Watching our Hobble-Fest would definitely give a cheerful heart and possibly bring a quicker healing. 

So Amazed at how God is healing the knees in our home!

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