Wednesday, December 12, 2012

2-week surgery appointment

Today was the second day of leaving the house.  I had a 2-week follow-up appointment with the surgery team.

But before I tell you about that appointment, I have to give a shout out to my parents.  They live in the Northern Frozen Tundra and came down while I was in the hospital.  Dad left my mom here and Dad went back the North Country to hunt.  He calls several times a day to check on my mom and us.  I know he misses my mom and I am so thankful for their marriage and their relationship.  It is really precious (and sweet)!

My mom has been staying with The Husband, Kidlet Three and I.  She has done our laundry, cooked meals, wrapped Christmas presents, kept track of the many meds I take, cheered me on, warned me when over-doing, and much more.  We have prayed together many times and I will cherish that forever. 

Dad and Mom...THANK YOU!!!  Thank you for sacrificing your time and activities in your lives to help us out.  I cannot say thank you enough!!!

Highlights of the 2-week checkup:

  • The physician's assistant held my heel and pulled my leg up in the air and he said it was almost all the way straight.  He seemed impressed with that.
  • My knee will bend to 90 degrees, which is exactly where it should be at this point in time.
  • The next month is critical for me to keep doing exercises to prevent the scar tissue from like freezing the knee in a certain position.
  • Sleep has become a problem.  I just cannot get comfortable with a leg that I cannot move.  I admitted to the PA that I took an Oxycodone last night just to sleep.  He kind of looked at me and asked how much Oxy I'd been taking.  I told him I'd quit taking it three or four days ago because the pain wasn't that bad. He kind of chuckled and said...take the Oxy!  Most people need it for the first month post-op.  As my leg/knee continue to gain strength, my ability to move in bed will get better and I won't have the discomfort.  He felt getting sleep was important right now. 
  • The nurse came in to take out my staples.  She said, "Oh you have such a small incision."  First thing that has ever been called small on my body..ha! ha!
  • The staples were removed (yes this hurts.  Don't let anyone tell you otherwise but it is a quick procedure).  Steri-strips were placed over the incision until they fall off.
  • The nurse went looking for my wheelchair at the end of the appointment.  I told her I walked to the appointment and she looked at me dumbfounded.  Her words:  No one two weeks after surgery has ever walked up to their appointment.  They all use a wheelchair because this is a long walk!  My whispered answer:  WAY TO GO, GOD!
After the appointment, Mom and The Husband and I did some Christmas shopping.  It took a lot out of me to walk more but I did it.  We were gone about three hours.  When we got home, I needed a nap and I slept 2.5 hours!  Without an Oxycodone!  Thank you, Lord God!

As you have read this blog and perhaps have prayed for me, I want to say to you:  THANK YOU.  Thank you for partnering with God in my recovery. 

I remain, So Amazed, at the God of this universe.  For His compassion, mercy, healing and love in my life.  May you know Him in this way, too.

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