Sunday, July 22, 2012

Change Is In The Air

 This computer hutch is in our kitchen.

When Kidlet One and Kidlet Two were younger, our one family computer was kept in this hutch.  The Husband and I decided the kitchen would be a central, public spot for the computer.

How times have changed.

I'm typing on my computer right now.  It is sitting on my lap.  In the livingroom.

The big, pig computer that used to live in the hutch is long gone.

The hutch became a I don't know what to do with this so I'll throw it in the hutch collector.

It is time to clean it up and move it into the office or move it out of the house.

Change is in the air.

Sorting, throwing out, or putting into boxes the absolutely-have-to-keep items.

Hutches contain a lot of memories.  It was a good feeling to have the memories tucked into a Keep-It-Box and the Someone-Else-Must-Need-This item packed in the give-away box.

Once emptied, I wiped down the shelves.

An amazing task completed.

Change is in the air.  I wonder where the hutch will end up.

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