Monday, July 2, 2012

Calm Day

The Husband has had some GI bleeding lately.
Nothing new for his unique, surgically re-created innards.
The bleeding got worse, however, so he called the doctor.
An appointment was made to scope and hopefully
cauterize the bleeding area.
A black cloud rolled in over me during the waiting for
the appointment.
Sleep didn't seem to give me rest.
My thoughts were pretty much out of control.
The longevity of his illness seemed to be on my shoulders.
But my friends were praying for us.
And on the day when I felt really undone, my dear friend
Prairie Woman, sent me the daily devotional she'd read just
that morning.
The devotional was from the book I had given to her as
a birthday present.
Jesus Calling:  Enjoying Peace In His Presence by Sarah Young.
Here is what she sent me:

Stay calmly conscious of Me today, no matter what.
Remember that I go before you as well as with you into the day.
Nothing takes Me by surprise.
I will not allow circumstances to overwhelm you,
so long as you look to Me.
I will help you cope with whatever the moment presents.
Collaborating with Me brings blessings
that far outweigh all your troubles.
Awareness of My Presence contains joy
that can endure all eventualities.

So Amazed.
I was so amazed at the words printed in the book for
that very day.
The words I needed from the book shared as a gift.
Words that brought me to the Truth.
God is my Calm.
His Presence changes everything.
In His Presence I was able to have a Calm Day.

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