Thursday, April 29, 2010

Festival of the Nations & Crispana Recipe

Hola!  In sixth grade, each student is to write a research paper on a country.  Kidlet Three chose Mexico.  The class went to the public library where each child could check out books pertaining to their country.  Writing a research paper is done in each grade at the school Kidlet Three attends.  So the concept of doing a research paper wasn't new.  But I so appreciate that the teacher methodically reviewed how to use notecards when looking for information.  From the notecards they create an outline.  From the outline they write descriptive paragraphs, and then make the bibliography.  Extra points are granted for pictures or photocopies that are included.  After the report is done, then the preparations begin for the FESTIVAL OF THE NATIONS!

At the Festival of Nations, each student is given a table to decorate and fill with items from the country they studied.  Each student is to make a display board also.  Kidlet Three worked really hard on his display.  He printed pictures, cut and glued everything very neatly on the board.

He did a great job on this.

The Festival of Nations is open to all students, parents and grandparents.  From 8 a.m. until 10 a.m. the sixth graders stood by their table and had every single student from the remaining grades in the school stopped by for a visit.  Kidlet Three really wanted to have a food item at this table that students could sample.  When he decided on tacos I had to veto that.  Tacos for 300 just wasn't feasible.  Then he wanted cut up quesadillas but again, Mean Mom had to veto that idea.  Too messy and there wasn't anyway to keep them warm.  Boy we spent a lot of time thinking through this food item.

One of my co-workers heard my discussion about this and mentioned the word "crispanas".  When she explained what they were, I knew that a crispana was exactly the right nibble for the Mexico table.

Here is the recipe for a fun, bet-you-can't-eat-just-one snack!


1 package flour tortillas
Pam olive oil spray

Kidlet Three took each tortilla and sprayed it with Pam olive oil spray.  Then he sprinkled it generously with sugar and cinnamon.

Using a pizza cutter, he cut each tortilla into strips and then cut the whole tortilla in half.  Look real hard at his cheeks and by his nose.  He had practiced putting on mustache paint to be a "senor".

The strips were placed on a baking sheet and placed in a 425 degree oven until lightly browned.

Finger-licking good and oh so addicting...crisp to bite into
full of nummy sugar and cinnamon...oh...
I am reliving the moment and almost forgot to keep typing...
we made multiple packages of tortillas and filled a huge bowl of crispanas

Kidlet Three's table looked pretty Mexicany. 
Crispanas are in the bowl at the left. 
A laptop with a set of photos I'd taken from my trips to Mexico played.
The picture board...
and what a handsome mairachi man!

Did you see the mustache?

He did a really great job talking to the teachers and students
about Mexico.  The crispanas were definitely a hit.
He got an A+ on the project.

I've got to be going...all this talk about crispanas and I just need to make me a batch!

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  1. Nothing warms my heart like your family and Mexico!!! :-D Seriously! Some of my favorite things in life!