Monday, April 19, 2010

Knick Knack Razor Whack

Believe me, you do not want a photo with this entry.

Last night was a women’s meeting that I was to be a greeter at the door.  I decided I was sick of wearing jeans. Pulling on my black capris pants, I realized it had been awhile since I’d shaved my legs (no need since vacation, right?)

I grabbed one of The Husband’s new Bic razors for the shave. Sitting on the side of the bathtub I was able to accomplish the shave in a quick, time-saving fashion. Rinsed off the shaving cream, towel dried and started applying lotion. All of this was done really fast because I was kind of pushing it on the time. Pulled on my capris again with the lotion still on my legs but I was in a hurry. As I was combing my hair I felt that burn beginning on my legs; the burn of a “really close shave.” Looking down at my legs I became horrified. Knick knack razor whack is what my legs looked like! I started applying toilet paper blots to each bleeding spot and pretty soon I ran out of leg! Oh what a sight my legs were.
But I was late so I started walking out of the house with polka-dot-toilet-paper-blot spots. Most of the pieces of toilet paper fell off (thankfully) but the really badly bleeding spots held onto their blotting paper.

Half of me thought of walking into the ladies meeting with my legs covered with white dots since if everyone was truthful, every one of those women had probably whacked up their legs in a shave before, too.

But the other half of me, the rational part of my brain, flashed an alarm that said ‘don’t do it.” So in the parking lot, I pulled off my toilet paper spots.

The two ladies I told my story too thought it would’ve been funny had I worn the dots into the meeting. But, that is because they are my friends and they would not have been too surprised because it was me. Many of the women at the meeting I didn’t know so I probably made a better impression in our first meeting without my dots.

Knick knack razor whack. I hope I learned my lesson!

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