Saturday, April 17, 2010

New Passwords

I am ALL for having a secure computer and I don't want anyone hacking in to find we have exactly a buck-two-eighty in our checkbook.

What really stretched me this week was coming up with a new password at work.  Every 180 days we change our passwords and I've heard it mentioned we may be forced to change every 30 days. 

And you can't reuse a password you've had in the past.

I so used to use "doggy1" as my password.  Then it went to "doggy2" and then it went to...can you guess!

Well, when I had to start using double digits and reaching higher on the keyboard for those numbers I started with a new sequence.  It wouldn't be really smart for me to share that sequence with you here would it.

This week I discovered my new sequence isn't the coolest thing since computers!  The new password I just set doesn't flow.  My fingers are awkardly trying to find the combination of numbers and letters.  In fact, I have to stop, think and then type.  Who has time to do that?

Plus, if you use a computer for work, personal email, blog sites, fantasty football and fantasy baseball, reading caringbridge sites, shopping online, etc (all the things I do), each one of those needs a password, too! 

Maybe, just maybe, this new password that I'm awkwardly using will cause me to shut off the computer and do something else...

Which could be a good thing...

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