Thursday, April 22, 2010

Don't be jealous now...

I really don't want you to be jealous.

You'll never guess what I found in my house recently.

Secretly, I bet you are going to want one.

This was in the livingroom
Did you catch the fact I said it was in my livingroom?

Doesn't every house have something that says QUICKSWING in their livingroom?

The bigger picture is that this is what I have, currently, in my livingroom

The Husband, bless his heart, was so excited to purchase this
for Kidlet Three.  In fact, when I raised a little stink about having
this new piece of furniture in the livingroom, I was told "it is
for your is the best thing for your child." When
The Husband speaks, he puts the emphasis on the word child.

Today I came home from work and found this on the couch
You don't suppose they are using real baseballs in the
Joe Mauer QuickSwing in the livingroom?

The Husband and Kidlet Three told me that the best part
of the whole QuickSwing kit was the net.  Yes, there is
another part to this whole operation.  And, for awhile, it was
in, you guessed it, the room of the house that most people
don't have sports equipment in.

Somehow, the little stink I made sunk in and the net was
moved to the basement.  Now our basement has been a
hoarders delight for many years.  No one, repeat, no one
has been able to move around in the family room for years.
Until a couple of months ago when I was afraid someone
would submit our name to that new TV show about hoarders.
I started pitching and cleaning and moving and hiding stuff so
this room could become usable.  WELL, because there was
now room to move, the net was moved downstairs.
And it wasn't moved there by me!!  The net is so tall it
is hitting the ceiling!  The thing has to be close to 8 1/2 feet
tall and is almost the width of the family room!!!

I can't wait to see how it looks in the backyard.

Now, I really, really, really don't want to sound like I'm
complaining or bashing The Husband.  Because, that
isn't who I want to be.   And you know, when The Husband
reads this blog, he will shake his head at me and say

"You just really don't understand men"

Was that a giggle I just heard from you?

So, I get to be probably the only woman on the face
of this earth that has a batting machine in her livingroom.

Admit it now, you are just a tad bit jealous of me aren't you????

Batter's up!

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  1. ROFLMAO... So typically BoB! I love it! Now, of course, that would never happen in my living room. Anything that threatens my tv threatens me personally. :-P

    But yeah... I'm jealous....sigh.