Sunday, August 4, 2013

There is Life after Baseball

Traveling baseball has been done for one week.  That means that every night last week I was home.  For the past two months we've been on the road to games or practices three nights a week with hockey practice the other two nights.
Being home after a day at work is kind of nice.
The Husband and I did go shopping one of the nights we had baseball freedom.  We actually were pretty dangerous as we bought a new patio set and umbrella.  It has been a couple of years since we sat on the deck with a table.  Kidlet Three had commented at some point this summer that it would've been nice to eat supper outside and we are now able to do just that.
For at least three hours on Saturday, The Husband and A-Great-Neighbor, put the chairs and table together.  Thankfully the weather was nice for these two BOYS to sit outside tackling a task they thought would take, maybe, an hour.
Kidlet Three was the first one outside to relax and enjoy the new chairs.
I decided a hobo packet of sliced potatoes, frozen corn from last year's freezing, onion and lots of butter should be on the menu for supper.  I also marinated chicken in Italian dressing and grilled that separately.
As I grilled, I set the table.  Doesn't this look peaceful and inviting!
Our supper was delicious.  There were no bugs outside.  It was a pleasant, relaxing meal. 
Kidlet Three decided Riley should eat his treat on one of the new chairs. 
The chairs 'rock' so Riley wasn't sure he really sure he liked them.
Baseball season is really fun.  It is also fun being done.  I hope you've had a chance to be outside enjoying the summer evenings.  Or maybe even your morning coffee on your deck. 

We are amazingly blessed to have this deck, new furniture and nice weather.  Thank you God!

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