Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Husband's Outdoor Fashions

The Husband scrubbed the deck last weekend and has started applying some GUNK to it now.  I call it GUNK because it is thick and has to be rolled on.  He explains to me it is the consistency of peanut butter (can you picture it?) and will protect the deck for years. 

Well, those that have the honor of living near us have often commented on how fashionable The Husband is when he mows or does lawn work.  This weekend was no different as he wore this attire all weekend as he started The Deck Project...

 Can you hear the runway announcement...
The Husband looks snappy in his straw hat,
fashionably worn Life is Good tee shirt,
denim shorts and oh yes, let's not forget
The Boots.
Rubber Boots...your outdoor
work cannot be complete without
a pair of Rubber Boots. 
 As an added bonus, the denim shorts
are able to become paper towel dispensers
and plastic bag holders.
 The iPhone is quite safe on the
belt during The Deck project

It was too hot to be wearing jeans on the weekend.
Perhaps in a Fall Fashion Show, I can grab a picture
of The Husband's jeans-that-are-held-together
Seriously, The Husband has worked really hard
over this past weekend and has made great progress
in re-sealing the deck.  
Once all the peanut-butter-gunk is applied,
we can move the new patio furniture back
and perhaps even throw a party.
I think we should all wear rubber boots to the party.
Wouldn't that be amazing!!!

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