Saturday, January 26, 2013

I'm alive, I'm on fire!!!

Friends, please watch this video.  Watch Peter Furler dance toward the end.  That is how I used to dance before God.  But then my knee started hurting and when I danced, my knee would throb the next day in such pain.  How sad I was that I could not dance before the Lord anymore.

I absolutely cannot wait to dance to this song when my knee is just a little more healed up.

This is a worship song.  God makes me feel alive, like I'm on fire and my spirit burns inside.

If you've never worshipped God like this, don't be afraid.  Dancing is an awesome form of worship and for some of us, it just is a natural reaction when we start thinking on all the love God throws our way...for free!

So, crank up the volume.  Let your toe tap and when no one is looking...DANCE

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